College Counceling

Our goal in College Counseling is to guide students in thinking creatively about what college is and what it should be for them. The journey to college requires increasing self-awareness and confidence, and we will partner with your student and family through every step of the process. As we get to know your student, we gain critical insight about their learning style and the type of environment in which they will thrive and succeed intellectually, academically and personally. 

This is really a four-year collaboration and includes identifying what your student wants from their college experience; defining a list of desirable schools; brainstorming and drafting college essays; meeting with college Admissions representatives on our campus or at the college/university itself; prioritizing and scheduling college visits; and proactively completing and submitting applications. We want your student to clearly understand the evolving mechanics of the application process itself, as well as trends and opportunities for merit-based and need-based financial aid.


To learn more about College Counseling, please contact Libby Hux, Director of College Counseling, at


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