Our Community

At Darrow, the students, faculty, staff, and leadership are the foundations of our community. They set the tone. Our community also includes alumni, supporters, neighbors, and friends, all of whom play an important part in making Darrow what it is.

The sense of community shared by all these people is defined by respect, trust, hard work, and a willingness to support each other through thick and thin. 

Darrow’s community is strong and distinctive because it is based on kindness, tolerance, hard work, and being actively engaged in the work and joy of everyday life.

Advisor Program

Every Darrow student has a faculty advisor who not only helps the student navigate all sorts of academic and personal challenges, but also corresponds with parents to let them know how their son or daughter is doing in all aspects of Darrow life. Faculty advisors provide a connection between parents and the school community. A Darrow advisor is a mentor, counselor, and confidante all rolled into one. The advisor is there to celebrate the student’s successes, as well as help each of them learn from their mistakes and failures. Advisors also are very aware of a student’s involvement outside the classroom. Students check in with their advisors at Morning Meetings, have lunch with them every Friday, and spend time with them in class, in the dorms, in the theater, or at practice.

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