Student Activities, Nov. 16
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Friday, Nov. 16
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Friday, Nov. 9
Darrow Theater Workshop presents Peter and the Starcatcher

Saturday, Nov. 10
Darrow Theater Workshop presents Peter and the Starcatcher
Downtown Pittsfield with Ms. Barbary-Glovsky
Flight Trampoline Park with Ms. Lightburn

Sunday, Nov. 11
Lee Outlets with Ms. Sutton
Something with the Makerspace Prefects

Friday, Nov. 2
Fet Gede Dance Party with BSA
First Friday with the Art Prefects

Saturday, Nov. 3
Coffee House

Sunday, Nov. 4
Crossgates Mall with Mr. Alvord
Mountain Biking with Mr. Priest
Something with the Meacham RAs

Friday, Oct. 26
Price Chopper with Mr. McCabe
13 Nights at Jiminy with Mr. Fougere

Saturday, Oct. 27
10 Candles with Isaac

Sunday, Oct. 28
Ala Shanghai with Ms. Hafey
Colonie Center with Ms. Russell
Selfcare and Hangout with the Sustainability Prefects

Friday, Oct. 5
Vong's Thai and Vietnamese restaurant with Ms. Dutton

Friday, Sept. 28
Coffee House!

Saturday, Sept. 29
Laser Tag with Ms. Corral
Makerspace Activity

Sunday, Sept. 30
Crossgates with Ms. Barbary-Glovsky and Ms. Lazes
Canoeing the Housatonic River with Mr. Priest

Friday, Sept. 21
Price Chopper with Mr. Fougere
Movie Night with Ms. Qin
Flipadelphia with Calvin and Owen

Saturday, Sept. 22
Downtown Pittsfield with Ms. Kalna
Game Night and Coloring Books with the Ann Lee RAs
Self Care with Ms. Barbary-Glovsky

Sunday, Sept. 23
No. 6 Depot with Ms. Barbary-Glovsky
Tennis Clinic with Herman
Colonie Center with Ms. Hafey

Friday, Sept. 14
Big Y with Ms. Hafey
Baking with Mr. Glovsky

Saturday, Sept. 15
Ala Shanghai with Mr. Fougere
The Big E with Ms. Gardener
Air Hockey Tournament with KIC/Makerspace Prefect(s)

Sunday, Sept. 16
Cookie Making and Dorm Decoration with Ms. Qin
Lee Outlets with Ms. Fougere

Friday, Sept. 7
Stop and Shop with Ms. Doan
First Friday with the Art Prefects and Ms. Fougere

Saturday, Sept. 8
Asian Food Market with Dr. Lightburn
Core Leader Act

Sunday, Sept. 9
Crossgates with Ms. Stines and Ms. Pytleski
Nerf Gun War with the Neale RAs

Sunday, Sept. 2
Berkshire Crossing/Mall with Ms. Kalna and Ms. Doan

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