Thriving at Darrow

Expert, passionate, and unapologetically student-centered, Darrow’s faculty cultivate a school-wide environment that positions our students to thrive. Their enduring gift to every student is the agency to pursue a purpose greater than themselves, to dare to move the world. Darrow alumni dare to explore when others retreat; dare to speak when others remain silent; dare to give more when others turn their backs.

These videos tell the stories of those who have already experienced what it means to thrive at Darrow, to overcome challenges, explore opportunities, nurture close relationships, and succeed in their educations and in their careers.

J Music Director Andy Wrba and Tyler '19

From jump shots to jazz riffs, Mr. Wrba and Tyler have discovered a shared vibe for music and basketball that has fortified their advisor/advisee relationship.

Experiential Learning Coordinator Catherine  Stines and Eliza Hughes '18

Seeking a school where she could fit in, Eliza found an online video about Darrow and knew it was the right place for her. Thanks to connection with her advisor, Ms. Stines, Eliza blossomed into a school leader and accomplished performer.

English Department Chair Nancy Dutton and Neshima '20

When Neshima's passion for learning encountered Ms. Dutton's passion for teaching, they formed an intellectual bond that challenges them both as student and teacher.

Dean of Students Kate Johansen and Luke Gore '18

Luke came to Darrow as a shy visual learner unsure of how he would thrive in high school. He credits Dean of Students Kate Johansen with teaching him how to be strong, how to overcome obstacles, and to refuse to give up.

Eric Brown '08: Hands-to-Work

At Hands-to-Work, Eric Brown learned to solve problems and work outside the
classroom. Today he is a licensed real estate salesperson for the brokerage firm,
Compass. Specializing in luxury sales and rentals in New York City, Eric
has earned a long track record of success with buyers, sellers, and renters alike.
Known for his proactive, diligent, and personal approach, Eric consistently
ranks among top ten agents in his office.

Eric Budge '10: Many Ways to Learn

Eric Budge was a four-year boarding student and attended St. Lawrence
University, where he earned a degree in mathematics. He continued his
graduate studies at Georgetown University, earning a masters degree in
math and statistics. He is currently a data analyst at Insight Policy Research
in Washington, D.C., where he interprets and provides quantitative evidence
for studies related to numerous government or non-profit agencies. At Darrow
he played for five team sports (soccer, cross country, basketball, baseball,
and lacrosse), which gave him the confidence to learn how to play ice hockey
after finishing his degree at Georgetown.

Sarah Hafey '11: Overcoming My A.D.D.

Darrow's small class size and close community enabled her to overcome
A.D.D. and succeed at her own pace. She attended Furman University,
in Greenville, South Carolina, to pursue a bachelors of science degree in
Health Science before switching to Walden University, in Minneapolis,
Minnesota. She is now pursuing a career in education, having worked in
several elementary schools in South Carolina, and is currently living in
Buffalo New York. She is also revisiting her photography roots, assisting
her father, John Hafey, with a project on Olmsted Park in Buffalo.

Elizabeth Bean '14: Taking a Different Path

A four-year student at Darrow, Elizabeth is now attending Washington &
Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania. Her thesis project involves
a study she began more than a year ago, studying wild jaguars on the Osa
Peninsula in Costa Rica. After graduation she plans to continue the study as
the head biologist of the organization she co-founded, Corcovado Rainforest
Research. In past years, she also received grants to study ceramics in Uruguay
and environmental management in the Galapagos Islands.

Read Elizabeth's update on her current activities in
the latest issue of Peg Board magazine.

Ross Matican '16: Amazing Classroom Experience

Ross Matican attended Darrow for two years as a boarding student and found a
classroom experience that was "night and day" compared with his previous
educational experience. Originally from northern New Jersey he is currently a
rising junior at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, where he is majoring
in philosophy. In his first year of college, he served as a freshman class
representative in student government and served as contributing writer, then
news editor of the campus newspaper. Ross is considering a career in policy
journalism, but also has interests in tech and law.

Jocelyn '19: Developing Who I Am

Jocelyn, who hopes to attend medical school, will be a senior in the 2018-19
school year. She has held positions as history prefect, a member of the
Disciplinary Committee, the manager of the Varsity Cross Country team, and
a member of the Varsity Lacrosse team. When not at Darrow, she enjoys
reading, playing sports, and has a special passion for baking. After graduation,
she plans to pursue a pre-med track and attend medical school.


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