Thanks to ongoing fundraising success and the participation of generous donors to Designing Darrow, we have another busy summer of construction projects, continuing the efforts begun in 2015-17. The work in summer 2018 will include comprehensive configuration of the center campus core green space and a complete energy-conservation retrofit of the Dairy Barn exterior.

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To continue the evolution of a modern school campus, Darrow School requires a magnetic central campus area to bond together the program spaces that drive the life and culture of the school: Wickersham (Administrative, Academic, Health Services); Dairy Barn (Performing Arts, Athletics, Dining, Student Center); the Heyniger Memorial Library, the Science/Samson Environmental Center, and the Joline (Visual) Arts Center. Bounded by these structures, current driveways, and the public road, the ideal location for a dynamic pedestrian zone exists at the heart of our campus. Development of outdoor classroom and communal areas, gardens, and open green space will create an atmosphere conducive to connection, reflection, and wonder. Reconfigured pathways and parking, interpretive and wayfinding signage, and improved lighting will safely and effectively convey people and vehicles while defining an inspiring campus core. These are high-visibility, high-usage areas; spaces that will help us attract and retain Darrow students for years to come. Darrow has hired and begun to work with WagnerHodgson Landscape Architects to realize this vision.

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Thanks to pre-launch fundraising, in less than three years Designing Darrow has:

  • Created a state-of-the art Performing Arts Center for music, theater, and film
  • Completed a 100% renovation of the main campus kitchen and three common bathrooms across two student residential houses
  • Begun energy conservation measures in the Dairy Barn 
  • Re-purposed space in Wickersham for a modern, accessible Health Services Center, and in the Heyniger Memorial Library for the Academic Mentorship (AMP), College Counseling, and Learning Specialist programs
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