Open House

Saturday, November 11
Monday, January 15

The Admission Office hosts a series of Open Houses each year, and attends numerous regional school fairs and professional conferences

Open House events feature a full information session, an in-depth discussion and class visit with faculty, lunch with students and faculty, and tours of Darrow School’s facilities and historic Shaker campus.

If you have been accepted to Darrow for fall 2017, congratulations! Please call or email Lorrie Wechter for more information and to register for your special day.

If you wish to schedule an individual visit instead of Open House, we are happy to make that arrangement any time.

Thank you for your interest in Darrow admissions!

To schedule a campus visit, register for an Open House, or for further information, contact the Admissions Office: (518) 794-6006 or We are now accepting applications for spring semester 2017.

Open Houses begin promptly at 9:30 a.m.

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