Tuition and Financial Aid

In an effort to make the Darrow educational experience affordable to as many families as possible, we offer Variable Tuition (see chart below). Variable Tuition allows Darrow to match the annual cost of education with a family's financial ability. More than 40 percent of our families take advantage of this program, paying tuition that is scaled to their resources.

We also offer payment plans through SMART Tuition. Any family who is not paying a one-time payment, must register with SMART Tuition.

Darrow's financial assistance is directed toward qualified students based upon applicants' financial needs and the School’s available funds. We work with the School and Student Service by NAIS in vetting applications and offer $1.8 million in support.

 See Darrow's 2016-17 Financial Aid Policy for more details, filing information, and important dates.

2016 - 2017 SCHEDULE of FEES

Boarding Tuition   $2,000 - $56,100
Day Tuition             $2,000 - $32,300

Student Drawing Account
(SDA) - Additional costs for fees, activities and supplies will be withdrawn. All students are required to have a minimum amount in their SDA to pay for fees, books, travel, and allowance.

Domestic Students / International Students  

Academic Support Services are charged separately and vary according to each student’s needs. Recommendations are made upon acceptance to Darrow School and are reviewed on an annual basis.

English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)     $4,250 

Academic Mentorship Program, 1:1 Student-to-Teacher Ratio
2 sessions per week                                              $4,250
4 sessions per week                                              $8,500