Admissions: We're Here to Help

There are many ways to get to know more about Darrow School and what makes us different, including the principles of active learning, hands-on education, environmental leadership, and a compassionate community.

We encourage you to have as many conversations as possible about Darrow. Listen to friends, parents, alumni, and anyone with direct experience in what we do and the type of school we are.

But make sure you talk with us, too. 

Ask our faculty about why they’re dedicated to Darrow. Ask our students what makes the campus feel like home. Speak with our staff and our Head of School and reach your own conclusions. [After all, intellectual independence is what we advocate, and what we teach.]

Visiting Darrow

The first thing you’ll notice when you drive into Darrow is the campus. It’s beautiful and unlike any other private school campus you’ve seen.

Even more noticeable is the feeling you get from the community. You sense that this place is special. It is warm, welcoming, and students feel at home almost immediately.

Students are friendly and inviting because they feel good about their surroundings, their friends, and the confidence that comes from being accepted for exactly who they are.

You’ll find that Darrow is a unique place: A historic Shaker village that’s been restored, expanded, improved, and built into a stunning, sustainable academic community in the Berkshires. Please join us.

Contact us now to schedule your visit. We can be reached at (518) 794-6000 or We can’t wait to help you discover Darrow.
Learn more about Open Houses and area accommodations, and get directions.

Check out our active curriculum.

Admissions is a great place to begin your own discovery of Darrow, and we are always ready to talk and connect you to anyone here for direct answers to your questions.

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