English Speakers of Other Languages

Darrow School offers and fully supportive ESoL program for speakers of other languages. Once students have been accepted and enroll at Darrow, teachers will work with them to assess their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

Immersion Program

The ESoL program begins with an immersion experience in mid-August. This is designed to be both an English language-immersion course and an orientation to the Darrow community, campus, and culture. 

Learn more about our Immersion Program.

Two Levels of ESoL Learning

The two tiers of English learning at Darrow provide flexibility to meet the student’s strengths and assess those areas in which additional support is needed:

ESoL Level 1 is an introduction to the American classroom and culture. It consists of specific English fluency and vocabulary coursework in Language Arts, Environmental Science, and Introduction to the Study of History. It also includes work on pronunciation and listening skills, and Darrow’s Academic Mentorship Program, which provides one-on-one help. ESoL students are enrolled in math and art classes, and are included in all Darrow activities, including sports, theater, music, and clubs. 

ESoL Level 2 continues to expand and support the student’s English language proficiency. It may include a mix of both ESoL and mainstream classes, with in-class faculty support. This early-inclusion of ESoL students into mainstream classes allows them to take advantage of American student role models and understand the dynamics of the American classroom, while still getting the help and support they need. 

Students may take ESoL American Literature at this level, or continue to study in Level I ESoL courses. Even after completing the ESoL program, students can continue to work with support faculty inside or outside the classroom as needed.

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