Departments and Courses

Notes on Darrow courses

Within our Course Listing you’ll find the specifics of what we teach and how we teach it, as well as the principles and practices at work within the curriculum. Also, be sure to peruse the wide range of engaging and challenging Elective Courses Darrow offers.

In every department you’ll feel the spirit of intellectual investigation and active learning. In every class, you’ll find an average of nine students, and a creative, fearless energy that inspires students to take risks. Inside each student the roots of scholarship are growing.

Cross-curricular learning

Cross-curricular instruction involves the application of knowledge, principles, and values to more than one academic discipline, and we embrace the practice at Darrow. 

We use cross-curricular learning as way to prevent subject areas from being isolated. The effect is that students think and reason in a larger context, which makes the entire curriculum more relevant and connected.

Individual learning styles

Students acquire knowledge differently. This is why we help students become aware of their learning preferences, and format the coursework in a way that is both supportive and deeply challenging.

Electives that inspire

We believe in balancing the core of our liberal arts curriculum with highly creative elective courses that enable students to explore the subjects that inspire them. In fact, we offer more electives than many other private schools (including independent language studies), making Darrow a school known for individual creativity.


The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) has recognized Darrow School as a Leading Edge Honoree for its curriculum innovation, specifically in the area of sustainability. This is more than a watchword at Darrow. It is integrated into our courses and everyday life on campus.

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